Riding out the Storm

IMG_3759    Last night, the winds were whipping around and then all of a sudden there was a huge crash. We went to the deck and looked outside and saw that our grill had been knocked over. It was hard to believe what we were seeing. The grill seemingly had a low enough center of gravity for this not to have happened but yet it did. The mistake apparently was that we did not have the grill secured/tied against the deck.

This morning, I looked outside and it all appeared so calm. Yet, the aftermath of the storm is still laying tipped over on my deck.  The momentary surge of wind had left its mark. There will be plenty of cleaning, setting up, and checking in the near future.

This morning, I was reading Psalm 71 and was struck by the 3rd verse that paints a picture of God as a rock. God as the rock of fortress and habitation. What a wonderful image to have of God. In the midst of storms and troubles there is a place of safety. In the turmoil of our day there is a place of rest. In the middle of the storm there is a firm foundation. Our Redeemer.

Last night in bible study we looked through the Book of Job and marveled at Job’s reaction to the pain and calamity that had overtaken him. In the depths of it all, Job is able to see his Redeemer. Job sees God standing tall through it all. His rock has presented himself and will never waver.

So today, I will go outside and stand up the grill and look to the heavens and say a prayer of praise and thanks. For in the midst of it all, I know this one thing.. My Redeemer lives and for that I say




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