Tomorrow- really-maybe


Today’s Reading Romans 5:1-21

I have been staring at my Thesis for about 3 weeks. It is filled with quite a few formatting issues to be corrected. It won’t take long to make the changes. I have to go onto Youtube and figure out how to do some things in Microsoft Word that I have not learned how to do yet. I then need to set some time aside and then get the work done. It is the last thing left. The one obstacle standing between me and walking down the aisle for graduation. Yet, it still sits there…waiting.

I constantly tell myself that there is time. I will get to it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and then there is a visit that needs made or a sermon that needs worked on. There is a meeting, conference call, or training. Something always comes up. My paper still sits waiting. I have taken the art of procrastination to a new level then there is Jesus.

In today’s reading in Romans we are reminded that while we were yet sinners, Christ dies for us. Very cool indeed. Now later. Not when I got my act together. Not waiting around until “his jam” was over…. but while we were yet sinners, Christ dies for us.The good news for us is that Jesus loved us that much.

For me, that is a wakeup call of sorts. There is no time like the now. What have you been putting off. Is it forgiving someone? Is it starting a bible reading plan? Is it prayer? is it going back to church? Is it getting involved in a small group? Is it getting back into shape?

Now is the time. Today. This moment. We should be emboldened by the actions of our savior. Jesus did not wait for us to clean ourselves up. Today, this very day. Make one change and start now.

I would love to hear what it is when you do it. Share it with me.



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