Set apart for what?


Today’s Reading Hebrews 12:14

 Pursue peace with everyone, and the holiness without which no one will see the Lord. NRSV

I am heading out this morning with my youngest son. He has a procedure this morning. Today my role is to be the doting father. I am to make sure that every need is met and to make sure that I do all I can to keep him safe. Today, I am putting aside all other roles and focusing in on him.

There was a discussion on twitter the other day about holiness and how it is not discussed often enough in the church. While it was on twitter, so the arguments could not be very lengthy, it was very deep. Have we as the church ignored the call to holiness? I would think we are in deep trouble if that were true.

I believe, however, that we need be careful when talking about holiness. When talking about holiness we often talk about it in the realm of being set apart. I believe that being set apart is in fact the key part of the definition of holiness but the question would be for what? There must be some reason for this set apartness.

I think it is pretty clear to figure that out by first focusing in on what we are not set apart for. We are not set apart to judge. We are not set apart to condemn, We are not set apart to make people’s lives more difficult. We are not set apart to make people feel as if they are not important.

Instead, we are set apart to obey. Jesus’ Great commission in the Gospel of Matthew tells us to obey EVERYTHING that he taught the disciples. This is some heady stuff. We are set apart to live like Jesus. We are being set apart to feed, clothe, heal, and bring life.

Holiness is what we do, it is what we bring. It is the key to our relationship with God. Are you living a life of holiness?


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