But I did it too – Gardening and Church


Reading today 1 Corinthians 3

Gardening is a funny thing. There are so many pieces that go into getting a garden up and running. The area needs cleared out. The soil needs prepared. The seeds need to be planted and watered. Weeding needs to happen. Finally the harvest must happen.

I was “helping” out the other day in the community garden that the church has. Dave has been making great progress in there. He has cleared it and prepared the soil. I got to go there for the planting and watering piece. It was fun and I got to participate but then…I got to leave.

Gardening is really not my thing. I do not have the patience required or the desire to take a project like that from beginning to end. I am more than happy to show up every now and again and maybe water or weed. However that is enough for me. Anymore would be too much for me.

Yet that is exactly what is needed for a successful community garden. People who are willing to come by and do a little bit. Everybody can do a little bit and the work will get done. We each will own a stake in the garden.

Paul’s words in chapter 3 talk about this a bit. Paul was dealing with people who just didn’t get what church was all about. They wanted to take credit or give credit to Paul, Apollos, Cephas, and others. Paul was trying to get them to understand that each played a part. Sometimes you may not even know the part you play but it matters.

Be faithful to what you are called to do. Uplift those who have been entrusted to uplift. Let God handle the rest. Work together and focus on finding God’s will for your life. Live out that vision.

Credit? Who cares about that. Live out a faithful life and taste and see the goodness of the Lord (and the Garden).


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