Breakfast is served – One final look at the Resurrection Appearances


Todays Reading: John 21

For me it is simple. A walk over to the Keurig and breakfast is served. I do not often have much more than that for breakfast. Yet, the reality is there are many many choices for the average person for breakfast each and every day. Cereal, oatmeal, breakfast bars, smoothies, bacon, eggs, waffles, cold pizza, and toast just begin to fill out the list.

Why fish and bread for the disciples that day? Why not something else? I think focusing on the food choices might get us going down a path that is not vital. Instead let us focus on the chef this morning. The person who had to envision the meal. The person who put the menu together, Jesus.

Jesus wanted to spend time with the disciples and needed to bring the community together again. He used local ingredients. He used what was available. It was not a fancy meal. it was not fine dining. It was a group of people coming together to spend time together with Jesus. This is what Jesus wants from us. It is not about location. It is not about the menu. It is not about what we are wearing, heck Peter was naked! Jesus wants us.

Let’s not let the trappings of the world get in the way. Let’s not let our own preferences get in the way. Instead let us focus our attention on each other and on Jesus, the Resurrected One. It is in coming together to spend time with Jesus that we will be fed today and every day. The heavenly banquet with Jesus is not about the food and drink that will be there it is about US being there with Jesus.

Do you want to spend time with Jesus today?

Are you ready?


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