Sent – More thoughts on the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus


Todays Reading: John 20

When I sent my first email from an IPhone, I was surprised by the tag on the bottom of the message: “Sent from my IPhone”.  I wondered why it was there. Was it to show off because I was so high-tech I could send emails from my phone?   Was it to let everyone know that I am an Apple guy now, one more step further away from my IBM and PC roots?

Then I looked at the message that I had typed. I saw the errors in spelling and grammar which could be attributed to my fat fingers and small keyboard. I looked again and I saw that the formatting looked a little different from what it normally did on my laptop. Perhaps the tag on the bottom was not to show off at all, maybe it was a way to apologize to the receiver for appearance of the email. Perhaps it is a way to let them know you are aware of it but they were so important you did not want to wait to send it.

Sometimes it is important to know not only the message but from where it was sent. It does help us to determine the importance of the message and the priority. When I am sent things via Facebook Messenger, it typically does not have the same priority to me as a text or phone call. the message may be important but I often look at it in a different way.

Reading through the 20th chapter of John this morning, I focused in on John’s Great commission. When we think of the Great Commission we often think of Matthew 28:16-20, yet each of the gospel’s has its own version of the Great Commission. I like John’s the best, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you “.

Simple. Easy. Concise. Yet think of the power behind it. We are being sent from god via Jesus himself. This message sent by Jesus. For me, that is some heady stuff. I am a bearer of the Story. I am being trusted to go tell that story. The good News? We may mess up, our fat fingers or egos may get in the way but we go with that tagline on our hearts…Sent by Jesus.

I like it.

So go.

Tell the Story.

You have been sent.


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