Fix it up – Another Look at the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

John 21

It was the show that started it all. “This Old House”, was a television show about restoration. It was a show about history. It was a show about passion. It has spawned many other Fixer up shows and in fact new television networks. It was a show that struck a nerve in our country.

I never quite got it. I didn’t understand the appeal although to be fair I was a bit younger than the demographic that they were going after. I was raised in the beginning of the “disposable generation”. If we wanted something we could just go get it. We didn’t have to fix it or restore it. So fixing up an old house didn’t mean a lot to me.

As I got older, I understood a little better. I began to watch shows on the HGTV network. I enjoyed seeing how new life could be brought into old things. I liked watching as something was restored and transformed. The appeal of that was something I now understand at a deeper level.

After all, we all are in need of restoration at some point. We yearn to be part of community. We strive to be with people and engaged with people. We are created to be in relationship with God and with each other. Sometimes though we mess up. Sometimes things happen. We fall away or we damage the community.

Reading the 21st chapter of John this morning, we read a story just like that. Peter is in need of restoration. He had stumbled. He had denied Jesus despite his bold promise to never leave Jesus. Yet haven’t we all been there before? Haven’t we made choices in our lives that were against what Jesus wanted for us? Haven’t we ignored people in need? Haven’t we said things to people who were not said to uplift but instead to tear down?

I have done it. I have denied Jesus by choices I have made and things that I have done. I understand how Peter felt. The Good News? So did and does Jesus. Jesus reached out to Peter and fixed him up. He didn’t pat him on the back and say “it’s ok”. He challenged Peter. He wanted Peter to make sure that he knew what he was in for,

Let’s be honest, after years of neglect it isn’t always easy fixing up an old place. It is like that for us as well. It takes commitment. It takes faith. It takes love. It takes Jesus.

Are you ready to be transformed? Are you ready for restoration?

I am.


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