A double helping of peace


I have done it. If you are a parent, I am certain that you have done it as well. It is something we have all done at one point…repeating ourself. If you are like me, when you repeat yourself you do it perhaps a little louder and sterner. how many times must we say it?

I would imagine, Jesus had many of those moments. So many times, when I read through the Gospels, I get the idea of Jesus’ incredulousness of the disciples’ apparent lack of “getting it”.  Each step throughout his ministry, Jesus was forced to retell the story. It was a story of God’s love and forgiveness. It was a story of community, mission, and abundant life.

I re-read the 20th chapter of John this morning and I noticed something, perhaps for the first time. Jesus repeated his call to peace to the disciples as they were in the locked room. This time it did not seem to be because of their lack of understanding. Instead, it appears that Jesus did it to emphasize that peace.

Jesus was reminding the disciples of the promises he delivered in the Final Discourse. It was a promise of joy from sadness. It was also a promise of the Advocate. Finally, it was the promise of Jesus’ peace, unlike anything the world could give them. The time was now. He was back!

Jesus’ promise of peace is for us as well. This week we will be looking at different aspects of shalom as we continue to focus in on John 20 and John 21. It is a call to be peaceMAKERS not peaceKEEPERS. So what does that look like for you? How can you be a peacekeeper today?

Peace starts right where you are. Look in the mirror..go ahead I will wait. What did you see?  A tired rundown person? A person filled with regrets or long-lost potential? Did you see someone who is afraid? Perhaps someone who can drop a little weight? Or perhaps put on a couple of pounds?

I encourage to look deeper. What you will see is what God sees..you are a child of God. Abundant life, peace, starts with this understanding. Seeing yourself as God sees you is the first AND most important step. I belong to God, nothing the world does can change that. Nothing that you say can interfere with that. Just sit with that for a moment. Go ahead, I will wait again.

How does that feel? Peaceful, huh?

Step one is complete. See you tomorrow.


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