Overflowing or Overstuffed?


My wife is away for the weekend so I can admit it finally. It is true, all that she has said for all these years. I am addicted to Reality TV. If I have a chance and I am home with nothing to do and nothing to watch, I spend time flipping through the channels. Without fail, I will find it. I am like a bloodhound. Hundreds of channels are not enough to hide it from me, if there is a Reality TV show I will find it.

Now, I may watch for only a second or two and decide if I like it. There are so many that there is not enough time in the day to see them all. So I prioritize them. I go through seasons in my life where I like certain shows better than others. I remember the season in which I loved Storage Wars. It was a great concept and had interesting personalities. I was hooked.

Yet, the more I watched those shows the more disillusioned I became. After all, we were watching people bid on locked storage lockers filled with other people’s junk. Leftover, forgotten, and lost junk. The “winner” of the auction for the locker would dig through the locker and try to find a valuable piece or pieces. Sometimes they would leave the contents of the locker behind and just bring one or two things with them.

I have been thinking about Storage Wars a lot recently. We have just gone through the Lenten season at church and we have entered the season of Easter. A time of joy, hope, and love. A time for us to reflect upon the promises of Jesus and to engage with the world around us as Easter people. Every Easter season, I reread the 10th chapter of John quite a few times. I love the imagery Jesus uses and the promises that he makes. I especially love the promises contained in John 10:10….abundant life. Every time I read that passage my mind goes back to Psalm 23 and the imagery of “my cup runneth over”.

The people who are bidding on Storage Wars are trying to buy a treasure, something to make their life abundant with riches and wealth. It is what many of us fall into each and every day. The promises of the world…power, prestige, and money. We thing those things will give us happiness or lasting joy. The reality it is all just stuff and it may give us the power to buy more things, things that will never satisfy us.

Jesus’ promise will satisfy us. It is a promise of overflowing life. A life of guidance, care and protection. Abundant life is an obedient life. Overflowing life is focused in on Jesus. It is a life living out our calling to help create and live out Easter community.

I want that!

How about you?


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