We did it!


Today’s Reading Revelation 18:1 – Revelation 22:21

Well we have done it. It seemed like an impossibility on January 1st but here we are. 90 days (really 88) and we have gone from Genesis through Revelation. We have read about Adam, Noah, Moses, and Abraham. We have heard stories about Ruth, Esther, Miriam, and Mary. Along the ways, we have uncovered some things and reimagined some of the old stories.

Today’s reading was a warning and a promise. A warning that choosing to ignore God has consequences. It is also a promise that God is not done with us yet. God is doing a new thing. God is at play. God is creating. I want a part of that new thing. I want to play with God. I want to create with God.

We end the bible in the same place we started it, dwelling with God. There is no better place to be. We may be done reading through the bible THIS time but our journey through the word will continue.

This week we will re-look at some of the Holy Week passages. I invite you to join us this Holy week as we rehear the Greatest Story Ever Told.


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