Teach them well


Today’s Reading James 3:13 – 3 John 14

My family is filled with people involved in education. We have former school board members, teachers, school nurses, and administrators. Education has always been very important in our family. It is something to this day that I value immensely. Perhaps it is why at the age of 48, I am still in school.

Yet not all teachers are created equally. Not all educators have been created from the same mold. It is simply a reality. So what makes the difference? Why are some “better” than others? Why are some teachers and educators at a different level? Well, maybe I can answer that with an example.

One of my favorite professors in seminary was Dr. Craig Keener. Craig was one of the most brilliant men that I had ever met but that wasn’t why he was my favorite. Craig was able to explain the most difficult pieces of the New Testament in ways even I could understand, but that wasn’t why he was my favorite professor. Craig was my favorite professor because of his genuine love of us, the world, and of God. Story after story that was shared with us showed Craig to be not just a teacher but a leader and a “doer” of the Word. He was a living example to us because of his compassion and love.

In today’s reading, Peter urges the shepherds to be a good example to not lead out of necessity but out of a real desire and love. Going through the motions is something we all have to wrestle with at times no matter what we do. Peter’s words and Dr. Keener’s example are a constant reminder to me to care for and be there for people.

If people can’t see me living out the words that I say than I am wasting everyone’s time. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young have a great song called Teach the Children Well. The song is a reminder to “feed them on your dreams”. Feed the children and feed each other on the dreams that we have of the a better world. The dreams of god’s will done here like it is in heaven. the dreams of a place where we do all live together and love together and help together.

Teach. Learn. Love. Live. Amen.


One thought on “Teach them well

  1. They are precious yet vulnerable. They are teachable and yet they are neglected, oftentimes. Being a teacher myself, I recognize the importance and value of teaching them at a very young age. Not 7, not 8 even younger. Just like building a house, we make sure that the foundation are solid and stable. Their formative years should be given importance and we must be careful what we feed them, because that is what will make them stable as they grow old. And prayers, lots of prayers too. I briefly touched on this on my blog, I hope people will find this useful.


    Thank you Ptr.BlueJeans for this post.

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