Am I a Gossip?


Today’s Reading Hebrews 1 – James 3:12

     “Did you hear?” 

How many conversations that you have been part of recently have started out with that or a similar question?

     “Can you believe it?”

Have you found yourself saying this to someone recently? Have you had someone say this to you?

Now maybe you are different from me. Perhaps you have not had any conversation recently that has started out with one of these two questions or a question similar. If that is so than good for you. You can go on about your day. What follows is for the rest of us….myself included.

Why do we do it? Why do we allow ourselves to be sucked into negative conversation? These questions are important. These questions need to be addressed. We may think  that gossip is normal or that it isn’t gossip if it is true, however we would be missing the point.

Spending time gossiping is not only a waste of time but it is harmful. It allows us to view people as “less than”. It is a way in which we can demean someone and to feel good about ourselves at the same time. In the scripture today, James thought that it was destructive enough to address. James spoke about the power of the tongue.

The tongue gives us the power to tear down but also to lift up. It is just as easy for us to speak love to people than it is to gossip, so let’s speak love. Let us use our tongues today to pray for each other. Let us use our words to compliment each other. Let us use our words today to instruct each other and encourage each other.

Let us be speakers of love.


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