That’s why


Today’s Reading Galatians 3:25 – Colossians 4:18

Every parent has done it. We swear we will never do it. We will be “better” than our parents. We will do things differently. We have good intentions, the best of intentions. Yet, without fail, we do it and it feels good…for a second. Yes, eventually we all tell our kids, “because I told you so”.

I remember hearing my parents tell me that and thinking that is simply not good enough, I need more. I DESERVE more. I want an explanation. It doesn’t make sense, there has to be some hidden reason. I was never satisfied with that answer and swore I would never use it with my children.

We all know how this story ends. Of course, I did use it with my children and probably more than once. How many times can I say sit down in the back of the car and explain why you need to do that? How man times can I offer up the same explanation for picking up the toys before bedtime?  How long oh Lord??????

Now that wasn’t always how I answered my children. I did try to explain the reason behind the “why”. I did try to be an example to them and show them that mom and dad weren’t just saying these things they lived these things. We were polite and caring;. We took the time the be nice to others. We were respectful. We went to church. We lived our lives like a belief in Jesus really matters.

I did these things and hoped and prayed. I prayed that the lessons would connect. I prayed that the “why” would sink in. I pray that my kids will see the power of living fruitful lives, faithful lives, honorable lives, as Paul writes about in today’s readings. I prayed that our example could show our kids that there is another way. The world doesn’t get to decide what is important in your life…you do. The world may gossip, lie, and cheat and live a life that brings praise to immorality but you do not have to.

My parent’s example connected with me. My wife’s example connected with me. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ connected with me. this is what I want for my kids. This is what I want for the world.

So yea…because I said so.

That’s why!


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