Now would be good


Today’s Reading 1 Corinthians 15:1 – Galatians 3:25

This weekend, I officiated the funeral of a 23-year-old young man. He was a father of twins. All throughout the funeral my attention was on the twins. They looked so innocent. They seemed to not have a care in the world. All around them, people were crying and devastated but it was not impacting them yet.

In many ways, I think we are often like those children. All around us there is need. All around us there is pain. We walk around like nothing is happening unless it is impacting us directly. When a child is hungry she cries. When he is unhappy he cries. A child only responds when there is a perceived personal urgent need. Are we like that?

Do we only think about the poor when we see a homeless person on the street or see a commercial about starving children? Do we only think of war when we see the new or read about ISIS or the Ukraine? Do we only think of racism when we see things on the news? Do we only think of police officers and other first responders when we see something bad that has happened?

Often times we live our lives in reactionary ways. Something, usually bad, happens and then we respond. In today’s reading, Paul is telling the people and us that the Gospel is urgent. It needs to be lived out. It does not need to wait for something to happen. Something has already happened. Jesus!

Jesus has given us the way. He has shown us the truth. He has provided us life. Because of Jesus, Paul was able to endure all he did to continue to live out the Story. Because of Jesus, we are called to live out that same story.

It is urgent!

It does matter!

Tell the story!


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