What choice do we have?


Today’s Reading Acts 16:38 – Acts 28:16

Happy Spring! We have finally made it perhaps it didn’t seem likely but, we are here. however, I caution you not to look outside if you are in the Northeast. Apparently, Mother Nature did not get the Spring memo…it is snowing. Again. Snow. In March. Will it ever end?

The snow will end at some point. The weather will break and Spring will be here. There will be other storms though in the days and weeks ahead. It may be rain or wind but either way storms will come. We can’t change that all we can do is adapt, cope, and move on. This is the reality.

In today’s readings we are reminded of the inevitability of storms. Paul faced the storms as he was being sent to Rome. The storms were swift and severe. The storm threatened the lives of all those on board the ship. While all around him people were freaking out, Paul remained steadfast. His confidence came not from being able to control the storm but from the peace that comes from knowing that the storm would not have the last word, God will.

We can’t stop storms in our lives. They will happen. The ups and downs of life are part of life. What we need to do is focus on the One who is over even the storms. God will give us the confidence, peace, and strength that we need. We only need trust Him.

Do you trust God is bigger than any storm?


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