Why do we forget so easily?


Today’s Reading Acts 6:8 – Acts 16:37

As parents we spend a lot of time teaching our children what is good for them and what is bad. “Hot stove – bad”…”Kitty cat – good”…. “running with scissors – bad”…”coloring with crayons – good”. It is a never-ending battle at times. We try to raise our children and protect our children. There are always dangers just around the bend. So what do we do?

After all, that is the main question. How do we survive in a world that seems is poised to destroy us OR self-destruct any minute? We learn a quick and efficient way to protect ourselves is by isolating ourselves from the danger. We create boxes for things and people. We put labels on those boxes. Once the boxes are labeled we can then keep ourselves away from the dangerous boxes.

The dangerous labels might look different for each of us but we all seemingly have them. Over time we continue to isolate ourselves more and more over the elusive safety we are seeking. This, for me, prompts the real question. Is this what life is supposed to be about?

This morning as I read the story of Peter and Cornelius, I couldn’t help but think of this question. Peter and Cornelius were both good me. They were doing what they were supposed to do. Living good lives, Godly lives. They were doing their part to follow Jesus Christ and be “story tellers” for the kingdom. Yet, these two men were isolated from each other, because of ethnicity and because of station in life. They had been told or tradition had been that they could not fellowship together. they could not share a meal together.

Peter had forgotten the story of Creation. God, after the sixth day, looks at what has been created and calls it “very good”. There were no boxes. There was no isolation. God had deemed it all good. This deciding who was good and who was bad was a human creation. We turned from God and said “we got this”.

We are all guilty of forgetting. Forgetting God is God of all. God loves all. God desires all to be saved. God’s love is available for all. We forget or we don’t like it. so let’s spend some time today remembering. Let’s remember who God is. Let us remember the power of God’s love.

Take some time today, remove one label from one box. Open yourself to the grace of God. Live like it is all “very good” indeed.


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