Job Needs done


Today’s Reading John 15:18 – Acts 6:7

I look around me and see so much need. I read the news and am aware of so much trouble. When does it stop? Who is going to do something? These are just a couple of the questions that I think of during times like these. I can’t do everything. You can’t do everything. Yet we can do something.

Isn’t that the point? We all have the ability to do something. We have a certain talent, willingness. or resources to accomplish things. Change happens when people who are capable of doing something actually do it. Yet, there is a danger of that we all must be aware.

The idea of doing something vs. doing everything.

Everyone can do something and we should. No one can do everything nor should we try. In today’s reading, we see a problem arise. A certain group of widows were seemingly not being treated as they should. The 12 were made aware of this problem. They did not actually make sure that these widows were being treated fairly each day. However, they ensured that there would be a group dedicated to do just that.

The 12 knew that their gifts were in studying and proclaiming. They needed to focus in on that. Yet the need they were presented was real. They made sure that it was handled. Everyone can do something. When we all do what we are designed to do and called to do. Well what can I say….We are unstoppable.



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