Look Around


Today’s Reading Luke 20:20 – John 5:47

I have spent a lot of time in the hospital over the last couple days. I may be spending more time still. Yet, the reality is I am NOT a doctor. I am Not a nurse. I am NOT an X-ray tech. Just hanging out in the hospital doesn’t make me any of those things. Just claiming the title does not make me any of those things. Just wishing it to be true does not make me any of those things.

It take training. It takes time. It takes commitment. It takes action. Today in the reading we see Jesus speak to this reality. The people of Israel had been waiting for a Messiah for so long. They had been waiting and watching. Some had come before Jesus and had claimed to be Messiah. Some would come after him and claim to be him as well. Yet it was Jesus who was the one.

Jesus did not go around claiming the mantle. Instead, as he tells people in the Gospel of John it was his doing the works of God which proved who he was. Jesus would teach folks but he did so much more than that. Jesus was with people. He healed people. He fed people. He loved people.

I claim to be a Christian. If I am not with the people. If I do not feed the people. If i do not love the people. It is all just words.

I want to be about more than words.

How about you?


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