Keep it Straignt


Today’s Reading Luke 10:1 – Luke 20:19

When I was child, I went through a stretch of time where I had real trouble with the truth. It seems whenever I was faced with a difficult situation and was confronted, I took the easy way out and lied. I can remember several occasions as a young boy when I faced a bit of trouble and tried to concoct some story that  would keep me safe.

Now, for the most part, these were little things. I had not committed any crimes. I was often trying to just not get grounded or disciplined in some way. Sometimes the original life would get me off the hook. I would think, I was on top of the world. I had done it! I had created the ultimate lie. However, things aren’t always as they seem.

Inevitably, I would be put into a position where I needed to recall that original lie. I would need to remember it and keep it going. As I am sure you are aware that did not always work. In fact, getting caught lying about the lie resulted in punishment far greater than if I had just been honest from the beginning. Eventually, I learned that simply telling the truth is the easiest and smartest thing to do. No need to try to keep the lies in order, just tell the truth.

In the scripture reading today, Jesus is not trying to remember a lie but his critics are trying to catch him up in his words. They are trying to trap him by using his  words against him. They do not like the messages that they hear and are bound and determined to do something to stop him. Jesus knows this and yet does not change anything he was saying or doing.


Because Jesus is the Truth. His words were the very words of God. He spoke to a generation that needed to hear the Truth just as our generation needs to hear it.

Speak truth.

Seek Truth.


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