Few or Many or Both


Today’s Reading Luke 2:1 – Luke 9:62

When i was attending St. John’s elementary school, I remember wanting to be friends with everyone. Gus, Vince, Joe, Gino, Peter, Frank, Rich, Lisa, Linda, Holly, Krista, Diane, Christine, Angela,etc. It is really all I seemingly wanted, to be a part of everything and involved with everyone. I wanted everyone to be my BFF before we all knew what a BFF was.

In St. James high School, that changed but just a little bit. I moved in different circles but still tried to and wanted to be friends with everyone. Yet, as the years went on I started to settle in with a core group of people. We would talk often. We would hang out all the time. We would get in trouble together. We would have fun together. Sometimes, we would get in trouble and have fun all at the same time.

My life has changed dramatically since those early school years. it has gotten busier. It has gotten more complicated. Life seemingly is more difficult at times. Yet, some things have stayed the same. What i found to be so so important in high School, is still very important to me today. The circle.

We read about the circle today in the gospel of Luke. Jesus is out telling he story of the kingdom. He is healing. He is raising people from the dead. He has people following him. From those people he has chosen a circle of 12. Out of the circle of 12, Jesus has an inner circle of 3…Peter, James, and John.

Although, Jesus spends a lot of time with his 12, he seemingly spends more time and more intimate time with the 3. He forms closer bonds and trusts them more. They are with him in his most vulnerable times. They are with him in some of the coolest and perplexing moments, as we read about today in the Transfiguration story. No matter what they are there. They depend on each other.

We all need to be part of community. We need social interaction. This is vital to us. In addition, we all need that circle. The small group of people who are there with us through thick and thin. A group to share our highs and our lows. In the midst of the circle we find peace, love, joy, and home.

Who is in your circle?

With whom do you find that peace, love, joy, and home?


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