Our Lips are Sealed


Today’s Reading Mark 9:14 – Luke 1:80

“It is better to keep you mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”- Mark Twain

In 1981, the nation’s youth were introduced to the Go-Go’s. You could not escape their music when you turned on the radio or even the television. They were everywhere. Their first hit that year was “Our lips are sealed”. It was a catchy tune and it spoke to the power of silence. Ignoring the names people call you. Ignoring the nonsense that people say. It was a song of empowerment trapped in a pop tune.

Silence can be a powerful thing. It can give us time to gather ourselves. It can stop you from saying something you will regret. It can also give others time to process the information before them. The world can use more quiet. Silence isn’t always a good thing however.

Sometimes we are silent because we are afraid. We may be silent because we are too arrogant to speak as well. We see these two examples in our scripture reading today of silence. All throughout the Gospel of Mark, people are healed and told to not say anything, to be silent. They do not listen. They can’t help to share the Good News.

At the Empty Tomb, the women who have been told of Jesus’ resurrection are given the instruction to tell everyone what has happened. We are told that they were afraid and stayed silent. In the gospel of Luke, we read about Zechariah. He was a priest. He was married to Elizabeth. An angel appeared to him while he was in the temple and said that he and Elizabeth would have a son. He did not believe it because they were old. He scoffed at the idea. Because of his arrogance the angel said he would be unable to talk.

When has fear kept you from sharing the Good News? Perhaps you thought people would look at you funny. Perhaps you thought you couldn’t do it. When has arrogance kept you silent about the Good News? Maybe you were with people who you thought should know better already. Maybe it was a matter of not wanting to spend time with a certain type of people.

We all know, through the wonderful song stylings of the Go-Go’s that there is a time for silence. We also know, because of Mark Twain, that perhaps the world will know we are a fool if we speak. The reality is that the Good News needs to be shared. If people think we are foolish for sharing it that is okay. If we need to spend time with folks and just “be there” for a while before sharing it that is okay as well. Everyone needs Jesus. We all need to tell the story.

Go Tell the Story.


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