In Motion


Today’s Reading Matthew 26:57 – Mark 9:13

When I preach, or even teach, I feel a need to be moving. I feel an energy that I do not typically have. I am so anxious and eager to share the Good News that was given to me that I am compelled to move. I think that is why it is always like coming home for me when I read the Gospel of Mark.

From the very beginning of the Gospel, we can sense the urgency. Jesus has a mission and it is vital that he gets going. The healings and teachings are non-stop. Jesus needs the world to hear his message about the kingdom of God. Just reading through the Gospel again gives me a sense of mission and a desire to go.

There is a world in need. People are hungry. People are sick, People are lost. People are broken. They are in need of some good news, they are in need of THE Good News. People don’t want to wait for restoration. People are tired of being pushed out to the fringe.

What urgency is God placing on your heart? Where is God trying to use you in these urgent times? Can you feel the urgency in that call?

Get ready. Get set. Go!


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