Building up


Today’s Reading  Habakkuk 1:1 – Zechariah 10:12

For the last 67 days we have been reading through the Old Testament together. This is the last reading that will be dedicated towards strictly the Old Testament. Tomorrow we move into the New Testament. So perhaps its a time to review.

Our journey through the Hebrew Bible has been one of building foundations. We have looked at the stories we know so well.  We started in the Garden of Eden and found ourselves in the on an ark with Noah. We journeyed with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. We read about the construction and reconstruction of the temple. We listened to the pleas of the prophets trying to bring the people back to God.

It has been a chance for us to learn about the need to depend upon God. today’s reading in Zechariah was a reminder of that need. We are a people in need of God. Despite our belief that we can do everything on our own, the bible is a reminder to us that we need God. We need a relationship with God. We need to turn back to God.

As we head into the New Testament, what has God shown you through the reading of the Old Testament?


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