Bigger isn’t always better


Today’s Reading  Amos 9:11 – Nahum 3:19

We live in a world where sizzle matters. Big and splashy sells. Whether it is a big mansion or a big car we have been conditioned to appreciate lavishness and size. It shouldn’t be like that in the life of the church but often it is the way. We look for the next big thing. We want bigger buildings. We want bigger choirs. We want bigger events. Lost in the search of bigger is a small word…WHY?

Why do we look for these things?

Why do we value these things?

Why do we think bigger is always better?

Why do we always search for more?

Perhaps our quest for bigger and better is some twisted attempt to please God. Perhaps our belief is that God is impressed with size and with numbers. We might believe that God values the big and elaborate more than the small and simple. We might even think that God will reward us more if our event or ministry is just a little bit bigger.

As I was reading the passages this morning, I couldn’t help but be struck at these words from Micah:

What does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

Notice what God is not requiring of us: Bigger…fancier…faster…louder…self-serving…numbers. When we are obedient to God. When we practice justice in a world that scream for justice,God is pleased. When we share kindness and find ways to Creatively Love Our Wonderful Neighbors, God is pleased. When we listen to God and walk with God and spend time with God, God is pleased.

What God wants is not numbers and it is not flash, it is us! god wants to be in relationship with us. God wants to listen to us and share with us. God wants us to share God’s love with the world. Each one shares with one. Each one loves one. Those are the numbers God cares about. The kingdom grows through God’s grace and the obedience of God’s people.

Do you want Bigger? Or are you searching for better?


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