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Today’s Reading  Daniel 9:1 – Hosea 13:6

In second grade, I had the biggest crush on a girl in my class. I liked everything about her. I liked spending time with her. I liked how she looked. I liked how she talked. I just didn’t know if she liked me back. So I devised a plan. It was a good plan, some would call it foolproof.

I wrote her a note. The note was similar to the picture above. I asked three simple questions: Do you like me? Yes. No. Maybe. Circle One. It was brilliant. It couldn’t fail. I worked up my courage and handed her the note. I waited confidently for her response. 4 decades later and I still haven’t heard back on the note! It worked out perfectly for us both. So I am glad my note didn’t have the effect I had intended it to.

I do remember that waiting though. It was a time of in between, where I used to be and where I was going to be. There was not much I could do during that time of waiting though. All I could continue to do was be the goofy 2nd grader that I had always been and hope that was good enough for her.

In today’s reading, we see God responding to God’s desire. God loves us. God wants us. God desires to be in relationship with us. Yet, just like the people of Israel we have treated God poorly, like a disposable lover. We seemingly have kept God around for the good stuff but don’t want to be tied down, in case something better comes along.

What is it going to take for us to go all in with God? What is it going to take for us to leave behind all those things that keep us from God? God is waiting for us. God loves us.

What are you waiting for?


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