Today’s Reading  Ezekiel 47:13 – Daniel 8:27

Growing up, one of my highlights each year was the night in which the Wizard of Oz was going to be on television. It was an exciting time. I couldn’t wait to see Dorothy, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man, Each year it brought excitement, fear, and thrills. However, one character made it must watch television for me. The Cowardly Lion.

He was amusing and at the same time very depressing. The Cowardly lion had big plans and great intentions but let the fear get the best of him. The Cowardly Lion knew how to act brave, well at least part of the time. Yet, everyone watching realized very quickly it was all just a show. Faced with danger, the Cowardly Lion reverts back to form repeatedly throughout the movie.

In today’s readings, we see what real courage looks like and where it comes from. Daniel is faced with a problem. The King has been tricked into signing a law that Daniel will not follow because of his relationship with God. God alone is worthy of worship. Daniel is trapped by the law. The result is that instead of dishonoring God, he is thrown in a den with Lions.

Daniel had a choice.

You have a choice.

I have a choice.

The choice is whether we will allow the pressure from the world,  in whatever forms they come, to force us from turning away from our relationship with God. Real courage is found in obedience to God. Real courage is found in our relationship with God. We know that nothing can impact us or triumph over us when we walk with God.

The Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz received a medal of courage from the Wizard of Oz in the movie. It is an outward sign of what is internalized in the Cowardly Lion and has been there the whole time. It is a sacramental moment in the movie.

The Lion chose to stand up and do the right thing in the movie. Daniel stood up to do the right thing as well. What about you?

What is God asking you to stand up to or who is God asking you to stand up for today?


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