Every Bit of it


Today’s Reading  Ezekiel 23:40 – Ezekiel 35:15

I struggle with math, I really do. I am good at the memorization part of math. I was taught multiplication table, remember them, as a youth and still can recite them. I can do simple math in my head and very well. It is the concepts that get me though. Rules and laws and the like are impossible for me. I am not sure why but it is just something I have been inept dealing with.

However, I do believe that we often make math way more difficult than we need to. Perhaps it happens because some people want to feel smart. It might happen because we wish to have a more nuanced argument. I am sure there are a lot of reasons, however none of them are valid. The truth is we just like to make things more difficult at times.

For instance, there is a very simple math lesson in today’s scripture reading. You could thing of it like a pie chart of sorts. God is letting the people know exactly how much of the world he cares for and how much of the world is accountable to God. Let’s look at the pie chart now:


The whole thing…every bit of it…God’s. Not a sliver, not the crust, God wants and cares for the whole thing. 100 percent of the pie and people belong to God. It sounds pretty simple, yet we struggle with it. We try to create scenarios where some of what we see is secular and other is holy. Yet, this is not the image of God we see in the Bible. God is holding all the people accountable. God loves all the people and often waits for them to accept and love and obey.

The important math here is that God cares about all of you, from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes. God wants what is best for you. 100 percent of your concerns, God wants to share. God also feels the same about the noisy neighbor you have. In fact, that cousin, you know the one, God cares about her as well.

In God’s math. the only math that counts, we all matter.

Yup, even me.


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