Stop it


Today’s Reading  Ezekiel 12:21 – Ezekiel 23:39

I have a friend who tells of a story of a 10 speed bike and a Christmas long ago. He wanted a 10 speed bike. All his friends had 10 speed bikes. Not just any 10 speed bike, he wanted a Schwinn. It was the bike all his friends had or were going to get. So, my friend, covered all the bases. He told Santa about the bike. He told his parents about the bike. He told his grandparents about the bike. Everyone knew.

On Christmas Eve that year, his parents woke him up and told him the good news…Santa had come! He followed them up the stairs with great excitement. He went into the bathroom where apparently left his present. He went in and there it was a brand new red 10 speed bike. It was great. It was exactly what he wanted. Until he looked closer. It was then he found to his horror, it was not a Schwinn at all, it was from Kmart. He was devastated.

He was a smart boy and did all he could to hide his disappointment. Santa tried and his parents were great, but he wasn’t quite filled with Christmas joy. On Christmas morning, as he rode his new bike, he felt as if everyone was watching him rise his notaschwinn. As he ran into other friends that days he couldn’t help notice their new rides were mostly Schwinns. He never got over it and all the days and years he had that bike those feelings never completely left him.

I thought of that story this morning as I was reading the scripture passages. The people of Israel heard a powerful word. They were favored by God and despite that they wanted more. They looked around and felt as if what God had provided out of love was not enough, they deserved more. It made me angry reading it today. I began to judge the Israelites as God was and then I remembered the bike.

How many times do we ignore or downplay our own life and want what someone else has? How many times do we look at the world and see something good happen to someone and think we deserve that and not the other person? Today’s reading for me was a reminder to be thankful. It was a wake up call of sorts. Stop being bratty. Stop being greedy. Stop always wanting.

Just…stop it.

What is God saying to you?


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