I know…I Really do


Today’s Reading Jeremiah 33:23 – Jeremiah 47:7

I want you to know before you read any further that I am the smartest person I know. I am not trying to brag and I am not trying to be obnoxious. I am simply trying to state the facts as I see it. It is a public service of sorts. It is the only thing that makes sense after all.

How else can I explain it? It can only be attributed to my intelligence. What is “it” you ask? Well, “it” is my apparent lack of every trusting what people said before I went off and did my own thing anyway. “It’ is my disregard for very good advice because I know a better way. “It” is my stubbornness in asking for advice or actually following the advice when given.

I suppose there is another way to look at “it”. I can define “it” as sin. In today’s reading, Jeremiah tells the people the word from the Lord and consistently the people do not listen. The people ask for the word from the Lord and when Jeremiah tells them, they do not listen. The see what has happened all around them and still…THEY DO NOT LISTEN.

I struggle. I really do, I struggle with this thing called pride. I get caught up in what I think I know or how I know better. I find myself drifting from time to time away from where god is leading. I need centering. I need to be anchored in the word. This time of reflecting on reading God’s word is helping me do just that.

It is helping me make this time a priority in my life. I want to listen. I want to listen. I want to listen.

How about you?


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