What does Hope look like?


Today’s Reading Jeremiah 23:9 – Jeremiah 33:22

Recently, I read “Long Walk to Freedom”, the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. It was an incredible tale of perseverance against daunting obstacles. The more I read, the more I became shocked at how people can treat each other for many different reasons. Also, the more I read the more I felt filled with hope. Despite how we often treat each other, the human spirit is an incredible thing.

For me, the book was one that told a tale of just what power is contained within love, hope, and faith. If you love you feel as if anything is possible. If you have hope, you know better days are ahead. If you have faith in something, you take that love and hope into action. Nelson Mandela helped to lead his people, and in many ways the world, into a brighter future.

Today’s reading takes us to a people in need of hope. They are a people in turmoil and a people being displaced. All around them, there is trouble. All around them is fear. In the midst of that fear, Jeremiah buys some land. This land, becomes a symbol of a future hope. It is a symbol of love. It is an act of faith. God has led Jeremiah to this point. Jeremiah trusts in God.

Do you trust god with your future? Even in the darkest hour do you have hope? Does your faith in God propel you into action?

If not…why not?


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