Distractions are gonna get ya!


Today’s Reading Isaiah 66:19 – Jeremiah 10:13

I often tease my wife when she forgets what she is doing or what she is saying by suggesting she was distracted by “a pretty butterfly”. We often kid around about it but the reality is, we all have butterflies we that are distracted by throughout the day. The question for us becomes can we identify and deal with those butterflies.

For me, it is often breaking sports news. I am intrigued by whatever the “talking heads” are talking about at any given moment. It is not unusual for me to tune them in and tune out the rest of the world for way too long. I have had to make changes in my daily routine to make sure these distractions aren’t too time-consuming.

The distractions in my life have not been life threatening and I do not think that they will be. However, those butterflies can become all-consuming and very dangerous. There can come a time when we lose track of time and surroundings and put ourselves and others in danger. This could come from things as innocuous as cell phones or as potentially troublesome as alcohol.

Today’s scripture readings point us to the ultimate danger of distraction. God’s words to the prophet Jeremiah are words of lament and warning. The people have lost their way. They have been distracted by focusing on the accomplishments that they feel come from their own hands. They are consumed with looking for other gods in many different places. Their distractions have caused them to neglect God. They had lost their way.

What can we do? How can we enjoy life and still remain close to God? Enjoy those butterflies but remember and worship not the butterfly but the Creator. Give thanks to God for the butterflies in our life but don’t let the butterflies take over our life. Ultimately every butterfly, every rainbow, and every blessing is from God. Let’s spend more time focused on the creator and less time on the creation.


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