Why not?


Today’s Reading Isaiah 52:13 – Isaiah 66:18

We have entered into the Lenten Zone. Lent for many is a time for giving things up. This might be chocolate, television, or something else. It might even be greed, gossip, or envy. There are lots of things that we can give up as we move towards Easter, if we choose. We may also choose to give up nothing and focus our Lent experience upon something else.

Whatever your Lenten practice, today’s  scripture reading is something for us t latch on to. god wants to do a new thing in us. God is looking to bring us to new places and deeper points in our relationships. God is urging us to look at the world in new ways. Whatever stuff we are holding onto, this is the time to let it go. Focus in on God and the plans God has for us.

What new thing does God want to do in you? Are you ready?


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