No Worries


Today’s Reading Isaiah 41:19 – Isaiah 52:12

In the military, you learn a lot of different skills. You are taught about the meaning of respect. You are taught about responsibility. You are shown how to accomplish things that you never believe you would be able to do. However, there is one lesson even more important than all of these things.

Above all else, you learn the value of depending on each other. You are taught the importance of teamwork. This lesson is drilled into you over and over again. When the individual fails, the team fails. When the individual succeeds it is a team victory. It is a great feeling knowing that no matter what happens someone always has your back.

A few months ago there was an educational push in our country called “Got your 6”. This was terminology that was sprinkled into television shows and into our general everyday life. The idea was for the country to connect to the military that we had coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and other places. We were being conditioned to remember that we needed to support these men and women as they came back.

“Got your 6” was a World War 1 term used by fighter pilots. It was something that would be said to reference the back of the planes. The pilots would know that someone was looking out for them when they couldn’t see all the danger that was lurking. So for us to be able to say “Got your 6” to veterans as they come home is a powerful statement. They are not alone.

Today’s reading reminded us that someone has got our back as well. god is described as our rearguard. No matter where we go and what we find ourselves dealing with, God is there with us. We are never in isolation because of God. This comfort is ours for the taking. We can boldly go into the world and do those things that God directs us to because God has “got our 6”.

What have you been worrying about? What have you been fearful of? What has overwhelmed you?

No worries. God is here.


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