Back to the Basics


Today’s Reading Isaiah 29:1 – Isaiah 41:18

When my children were younger it seemed like a large portion of our time together was my wife and I answering one question after another.


“How come?”



We were faced with one question after another. Never earth shattering, at least to us. Yet, the questions and the need for answers seemed almost life altering at times for our kids. There were times that I wanted just a moment of peace from the process. Looking back now, I think of the whole thing in a different way.

Our children wanted to be with us. They wanted to share time with us. They wanted to hear our voice. they just wanted to be near us. It was all about being together. It was a time they learned to trust us with their fears and doubts and questions. It was a time when they could just learn to be themselves with us.

In many ways that what our prayer life should be with God. Asking questions, sharing our fears, and dreaming together with God. Two different times in today’s reading we read about the prayers of King Hezekiah. These are the prayers of a man comfortable from being with God. They are prayers built-in trust of God. They are prayers of fear and hope.

What I read when I see these prayers is a child asking those same questions my kids asked us:


“How come?”



Do you trust God enough to pray these prayers today? Will you share your fears with God? When is the last time you spent time with God in prayer? Take time today to share your life with God.

My prayer for us today:


You are everything to us. Today, listen to my fears. Hear my dreams. Share time with me.



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