That’s the point after all

Pencil's nib

Today’s Reading Ecclesiastes 3:1  – Song of Songs 8:14

Some days you look at the day ahead and wonder what the point is. It seems pointless. I think this is probably true no matter what you do in your life. When I was in school, there were some classes that I just didn’t see the point of what I was doing and why I was doing it. Some days at work as I got older, there seemed to be no point. Another day and perhaps 50 more pizzas delivered. Another day and a couple dozen more lines of computer code. What is the point?

When I read the book of Ecclesiastes, I understand the seeming hopelessness that permeates the writing. I really do. We have all been there at times. I find it a wonderful thing however, that right after the book of Ecclesiastes we find the Song of Songs. We go from hopelessness to overflowing hope. We go from despair to excitement. We go from questions to answers found in relationship.

After all, isn’t that what life is at times? Ebbs and flows are part of what we feel and experience. However, we yearn for relationship. We find comfort and purpose in relationship to each other and to God. The point of the struggle is often struggling WITH others. I read the words in today’s scripture and I see hope and promise. I see the power of longing and the promise of tomorrow.

Sitting at home on this snowy day, the point seems clear. God loves us and calls us to be in relationship with each other. Don’t let doubt and despair overwhelm you.

The point is…relationship.


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