Little things matter


Today’s Reading Proverbs 20:22  – Ecclesiastes 2:26

This morning I walked outside to start the car and it just would not cooperate. It was too cold for my car to kick over. If I could not get the car started and moved out-of-the-way, I was not sure how my wife was going to get to work. I tried it once, no go. I tried it the second time and it almost started. Finally on the third attempt it started. Success!

It was a small thing in reality, but for me this morning it was huge. The car starting enabled the rest of my day to continue as planned and for us to not have to panic and worry about what to do next. Sometimes we take those little things for granted. The alarm waking us up in the morning. The Keurig working in the morning. The car starting. The Wifi working.

Each of these things on there own are simple and really little things. However, in my life, these are important things. Things I was reminded of this morning. Part of today’s reading touched on the little things. It reminded me of how God often uses things that society does not value or at least does not value like God does.

Throughout the Old Testament we are reminded of this as God uses the youngest son to lead the people. We are reminded it throughout the story of Esther as God uses a woman to bring freedom and safety to the people. God’s story of using those on the margin continues throughout scripture. The biblical story is one that reminds us that all life matters. God values each of us.

Today was a reminder to me that I need to be more aware and thankful. I need to keep my eyes open and keep aware of the little and big things that happen around me. Excuse me, I have to go. My Keurig just finished my coffee!


One thought on “Little things matter

  1. Diane Schoener says:

    Just a thought for next time it won’t start. You could turn the key just far enough to be able to put the car in reverse (without grinding the starter) and roll down the driveway and turn the wheel to line it up to the curb. That way it would also be in the right position to get a “jump” if needed.

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