Wisdom, Homer Simpson, and Donuts…mmm donuts!


Today’s Reading Proverbs 7:1 – 20:21

It is always a good thing to see a character in a television show or movie that we can make fun of because of the ridiculous things that they do. In that character we can often place ourselves and think of how we could handle a situation better. We find joy in the misfortune of that character because we believe those things would never happen to us.

For me it helps me suspend disbelief even more when it is a cartoon character. There is no way that I could ever find myself in the silly situations that these crazy cartoon characters find themselves. At least, for me, that is the rationale that I use when I watch some of these shows from time to time. The truth is often just a little different.

I think that what we see when we really look at some of these cartoons are people who are simply trying the best they can to do they best they can. The absurdity of the situations notwithstanding, I think we all can relate to that. I think when we watch Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, or Bob Belcher we can understand their passion however  misguided it often turns out. We all are trying to make it. We all are looking for wisdom.

Today’s readings help us to see that this is not a new situation. People have been searching for wisdom, knowledge, and truth since the beginning of time. The problem becomes when we look in the wrong places and focus in on the wrong things. the disaster happens when we are distracted by Jimmy Pesto, a big fighting chicken, donuts (mmmm donuts), or whatever distracts you from finding real wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

The Proverbs help to remind us that these things are found with God. God is our strong tower, God is our refuge. Godly wisdom is a gift. Can we focus on our attention on God…seek God’s counsel…pray for God’s wisdom…in the midst of all that the world has to distract us?

My prayer for you today:

God, we seek you first. Help us. Show us. Lead us. Amen


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