44 for me and 1 for you

keeping score

Today’s Reading Psalm 109:1 – Psalm 134:3

I can still remember. It has been decades but in many ways it seems like just yesterday. I remember what turned out to be my only fight in grade school. We were just young dumb kids. I was tired of him messing around with me all the time. It seemed day after day, he would pick on me. I just let it go and added it up. This day, however, was different.

I couldn’t take one more perceived slight and I did not. I am not sure what the “indignity” was that I suffered that day at school but it was the last one. I dropped my book bag in the school yard and we were fighting. Now I am not sure how much fighting actually happened. Even then, I was not a big fan of getting punched in the face. So I did a lot of bobbing and weaving. I was just determined to make him pay.

All these years later and two things stick out to me about that circumstance. Number one, how silly that was. Number two, how glad I am that God does not keep tally like I did and still do at times. If God was ticking off all the ways in which I have failed or disobeyed than I would be in big trouble. If God was as vengeful as I want to be at times than mine would have been a short, painful, and miserable existence.

Instead of giving me what I deserve, we have a God who gives us grace that we could never earn. We are not lorded over by a taskmaster but instead loved by the creator. So maybe my prayer for us today is simply one of peace. Peace that comes from letting go of scorekeeping and letting go of built up hostility. I pray instead for God to guide us today and focus us not on others misdeeds but instead on the blessings we have been given. Sounds like a plan to me.


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