43 “Thank-yous” is never enough


Today’s Reading Psalm 89:14 – Psalm 108:13

When our boys were younger, I used to watch as my wife would consistently remind them to use their manners. She would remind them to say “please” and ‘thank you” all the time, I would suggest to her that perhaps it was a little early to be teaching those things to the kids. After all, they were too young to remember or understand. Boy, was I wrong.

So many times when they were growing up, I watched them with pride, fascination, and love as they would be polite and respectful. I never had any doubts or fears that when they were out that they wouldn’t act appropriately. Their mother had taught them well.

If only we could extend that in our lives with God and each other all the time. Too often those manners we have picked up when we were younger are forgotten. We begin to believe that we are the source of all the good that happens and that others, and even God, are the reasons things don’t go our way. We need a refresher course.

The readings this morning were just that for me. A reminder that through my “ups and downs” that God has remained faithful. Even when I have turned away, consciously or unconsciously, God has remained by my side. Sometimes I forget that.

I look at my calendar and look at all the stuff I have to accomplish and wonder how I will get it done. I speak about good things that happen in my life and I am quick to claim credit. I see the stumbles and reflect upon all the people who have gotten in the way.

Today will be different. Today, I will strive to be grateful. I will find ways to thank those who have done so much and walked alongside me. I will take time to thank God for it all.

I start now. For those of you who have been reading these last 43 days…thank you. For those who have reached out, thank you. Your support means a lot.

Thank you god, for waking me up and focusing me each morning.



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