42 days and more than 42 pieces


Today’s Reading Psalm 69:22 – Psalm 89:13

We have about 100 board games in our house. Some we play often and others we probably have not played since the kids have been young. Occasionally we will grab a game from the shelf and prepare to play. We have a pattern in our house. I will open the box and familiarize myself with the directions as my wife gets the board set up. Every so often we run into a problem Something is missing! It might be a die, game piece, or something else.

Sometimes we can work around the problem by borrowing a piece from another game. Every once in a while, however the missing piece makes the game impossible to play. Now our family does not do puzzles often but the same thing happens when you are doing a puzzle. The difference is you may not know a puzzle piece is missing until the very end.

Reading today’s scriptures reminded me of missing pieces. In Psalm 85, the psalmist asks God to put the people back together…to restore them…to make them whole. The psalmist realizes that without God there is a missing piece that some of the Israelites might not even have noticed but he did. God was needed.

The Psalmist’s prayer is one that perhaps we can pray together today:

                        Restore us again, God our Savior.

Will you join me in this prayer today?


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