41 days of looking for connection


Today’s Reading Psalm 45:15 – Psalm 69:21

Last night I went to a Philadelphia 76ers game with a friend. It was a good game with flashes of defense and a sporadic night of good offense. However, one moment sticks out above all others. Young 76ers rookie KJ McDaniels had given up his dribble and then…well you gotta watch it

It was simply breathtaking. It really was. However, what I have been thinking about since that moment is young KJ. He found himself at that moment isolated and in need of help. THIS TIME he was able to rely on himself and his God-given ability. But what about next time and the time after that? He is playing in a team game and will need a team around him to succeed.

Many of the Psalms I read this morning were reaching out for God to deliver. The Psalmist realized that he could not do survive on his own. The Psalmist needed a team as well. A team called God. We all find ourselves isolated, alone, or lost at times. When that happens where do you find help?

We are told, our help can be found in God. We are not created to be in isolation, instead we are created for community. God will help us find that sense of community, all we need do is reach out. Like KJ McDaniels, we have the ability to “get the job done on our own” at times. However, we all need saving at times. We all need support.

Where will you find your connection today?


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