Day 39 – Just communicate


Today’s Reading Job 42:1 – Psalm 24:10

I have often been fascinated reading through the Psalms and it appears as if this time will be no different. The psalms are examples of Hebrew poetry and of prayer. While I do not doubt this at all, I think they are also often examples of one other thing…petulant whining.

Now don’t run and report me to the nearest Biblical scholar, at least hear me out first. On first glance you can’t help but see it if you are honest. The writer of the psalms is often calling out for vengeance to be directed towards those that have wronged him (I am assuming him because I am assuming David to be the author of most of the Psalms). When the author is not seeking destruction of enemies many times he seems to be chastising God for not being around… “WHERE ARE YOU?”

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of the psalms and not simply because I like to whine although that is part of it! I like the psalms because at their core they are some of the most honest prayers you will ever read. There is no pretense. When the prayer is angry you will know it. When the prayer is sad you will know that as well. When the prayer praises God, you will encounter some of the deepest and worshipful prayers ever. There is pure and raw honesty in every line.

Too often, I try to find the perfect words or the most clever phrase when praying especially when praying in public. The psalms are a reminder to me that is not what God wants. What God wants is honesty. What God requires is my heart. If my heart is troubled than God wants me to share that. If my heart is angry than God wants me to share that. God wants me to communicate.

So my prayer for myself and for you today is this…I pray that you have the most honest conversation you have had with God in a long time. Don’t hold anything back. I know I am about to.


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