Day 38 – Navel Gazers R Us


Today’s Reading Job 25:1 – Job 41:34

You often see it in displayed in social media but social media isn’t really the problem. You hear it in conversations but conversations aren’t really the problem either. You hear it in politicians but politicians aren’t really the problem either. You might even hear it in pastor’s sermons but the sermons aren’t really the problem either.

So what is the problem? It is simple really, it is me. At least I can answer for myself. Listen to my rationale for a moment and perhaps you might agree. I think I can safely say I am the problem because I have done all I can to create a me-centered world or at least it feels like that at times. I see the world through lenses I have crafted. I evaluate situations through how things impact me.

If not careful, I even may find myself judging God by how quickly a response is given to one of MY needs. The thing is though, I really don’t think I am alone. I am not suffering from this navel-gazing disease alone. I think it is pervasive in our culture. It seems like it might have started long ago.

After all, read through the book of Job and tell me what you see. We are virtually to the end and finally God is ALLOWED to show up. Job and his cronies have been so busy telling each other about the God that they have crafted in their own minds that they haven’t even bothered to go to the source. They are painting elaborate pictures of this God that they think they know. The problem is it is just a limited view of who God truly is.

We can’t find God by simply staring at ourselves and our own circumstances. The good news is though that we have a God who seeks us out. The God we worship is bigger than any picture that we can paint and any image we can see. God is small enough to be in the details and big enough to be beyond the noise.

So perhaps today I will work on picking my head up and glancing around. I will really strive to see the world and to see the people God has placed before me. I will strive to listen to others and not just hear what I want to hear.

Join me won’t you?


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