Day 37 – A World of Gray


Today’s Reading Job 7:16 – Job 24:25

When I worked for IBM, I found a world that was perfectly transactional. If a computer program did this then a certain result would happen. I learned that the binary world of computers in many ways could make life easy. Simply turn the switch on or off and you would get the result that you or the client desired. Sure there were problems but they were simply a matter of looking to see what we had done incorrectly and fixing it.

When I started to go back to church when I was in my 20’s, I found in many people a pervasive theology. It was what I call a Sunday School theology. I might have just as easily named it an IBM theology. The idea behind it being if I do good than good will happen to me. It is a simple programming mentality. Good code in therefore good code out.

The reading today and in fact the whole book of Job is in fact a response to that theology. The world is not simply black and white. Bad things do happen to “good” people and good things happen to “bad” people. We live in a world of gray. A world where things sometimes might not make sense. So what do we do?

I think what we do is understand that even in a world of gray we have some real clarity. The clarity can be found in God and God’s love for us. Whether we have a good day or a bad day, God loves us. We need to start there.

When bad things happen like sickness and disease understand it is not a punishment from God but instead a result of sickness and disease in a fallen world. We all will suffer and struggle in life and in fact we all will die. This is not God condemning us or turning a blind eye on us or God being uninvolved. It is the reality of humanity.

At the some point, we all will have good things in our life. We will have found treasure and blessings. This is not God saying that we are special above all others. This could be simply another piece of being human. Part of the struggle for us needs to be finding God’s grace in the midst of the ups and downs of our lives. When we are up it gives a perfect opportunity to see others who may be in need and help them.

In other words, searching through the gray for God and God’s children.


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