Day 36 – But why should I?


Today’s Reading Nehemiah 13:15 – Job 7:15

Yesterday we looked at the impact that we could have in big things. Today, Job takes us in a different direction entirely. Why should I do anything? Does any of it matter? Job and his buddies seem to be suggesting there is no point in the struggle. So why even bother?

Have you ever felt that way? Struggling with the seeming pointlessness of life can be overwhelming. ISIS, Racism, Poverty, unemployment, are just a few of the things in the world today that cause fear. What can I really do about them? Is there any point to my efforts at all?

Some of us see perceived unfairness in the world directed towards us and lash out in public forums such as Facebook or Twitter. When I see those posts, I often wonder what folks are trying to accomplish. Do we think that by blaming others publicly that others will jump on board and join in the bashing? If they do then are we accomplishing anything?

Job is searching and seeking answers to what is going on in his life. He is no longer seeing blessings in his life, instead he is seeing cursing in his life. He is beaten down and sees no hope.His friends who happen upon him actually make things worse by heaping more doubt and fear upon him. There is a sense of hopelessness in all that is happening.

Job is wondering what the point is in this thing called life. There is no good ending in his mind so just end it. This fear and hopelessness is almost painful to read. As I found myself reading it this morning, I just wanted to scream at Job, “Don’t give up!”.

Hope matters. When you are struggling and don’t see a way out, remember God walks with you. God knows you. God loves you. There is hope. Life is more than this moment. Keep going. Just keep going. The sun coming up tomorrow brings promises of a new day and new opportunity and the same powerful hope in God.

Job was never alone…and either are we.


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