Day 35 – Yes you Can


Today’s Reading Nehemiah 1:1 – 13-14

We have all been there. Faced with a big obstacle or a naysayer. Doubt creeps in and we start to believe our ability to do the task or task before us. It is human nature to feed into the negative energy that others may place in our way. Negativity is self-feeding after a while. We start believing it and building upon it ourselves.

A couple of weeks ago, I received some training in something called “the coach approach” to ministry. it is a set of tools that helps you in working with people and groups. One of those approaches is to look at a huge problem or issue and think of one thing that YOU can do. In this way you can begin to make progress on something and the huge problem gets just a bit smaller.

Nehemiah might not have been taught the art of the “coach approach”, however he used it very well. He heard reports of the destruction of the walls in Jerusalem. He wanted to do something about that overwhelming problem. The one thing he knew that he could do was pray to God. This was the first step of many that led to the walls rebuilding.

Nehemiah was reassured by God that he could in fact undertake this project. He didn’t need to be a priest, he could use the skills of his upbringing and his job to navigate the political land mines that he was walking towards. Nehemiah was reassured by God that this could happen.

We all need that kind of reassurance. We need to know that “you can do it”. It is important to remember, as Nehemiah did, that God can and will provide that for us. We just need to be in relationship with God, pray to God, and listen. These things will help us re-build, re-vision, and re-imagine what we can do through the power of God.

Yes you can…because God can and has.


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