Day 34 – Help comes


Today’s Reading 2 Chronicles 35:16 – Ezra 10:44

People surprise you sometimes. We often are quick to identify folks into categories. Once they are in these categories it is easy to identify those categories as “friend”, “foe”, or “neutral”. Foes we can simply dismiss and make no time for and those we have deemed “neutral” we can take time to figure out if they are friend or foe depending upon what particular thing we are involved in.

Honestly this process can be very exhausting. Always trying to figure out who fits where. We never seem ti understand that there can be another way. We could accept that God is actively at work everywhere. God’s grace that goes before us long before we know God is called Prevenient Grace (by United Methodists). The idea being that God is calling to us, wooing us into relationship.

So if that is true should we be surprised when people we have identified as enemies come and participate with us in the work of God? Should we be surprised when great things are happening in the world outside the church? I would think we shouldn’t be surprised by yet we often are. In fact, we often spend time trying to deny that good of the work being done by people we deem “foe”.

In today’s reading we see the reality. God is working in all people. Cyrus king of Persia, decreed that the rebuilding of the temple would happen. The people of Israel had rebelled against God and their temple had been destroyed. Many had been in exile. Yet God did not forget them and in fact would send a powerful sign. The temple would once again be a beacon to them and a sign that God had not forgotten them.

So perhaps it can be a beacon to us and a reminder that God is at work. Do you trust God? Do you trust that God can work anywhere? If so, let’s go see where God is working and go do something!


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