Day 33 – Losing it


Today’s Reading 2 Chronicles 23:16 – 35:15

Before the all-powerful GPS, that many of us have in our cars or on our phones, we were slaves to the paper map. Maps showed us the right routes to take and more importantly the routes to avoid. For those who were in sales or did deliveries, we learned the importance of making sure the maps were up to date. You could go nowhere without a map.

Can you imagine how difficult it might have been to find your way around in new areas without those maps or even today without a GPS? It would not be an easy task. I know I would find myself spending a lot of times on wrong roads or on dead-end streets. We need directions.

So can you imagine the joy of the people when the scroll of instruction was found while rebuilding the temple? The king read the scroll and was reminded just how far off course the people had gone. They had truly lost their way and in his hands he held the proof. This was the key to going back in the right direction.

As we are reading through the bible, I am reminded time and time again of the need to stay connected to God. Reading God’s instruction and the depth and the width of God’s love is very reassuring. I lived a large part of my life not being concerned with anything that the bible, God, or the church had to say. Life was good I thought but now in retrospect I see how much fuller it could have and should have been.

Are you staying connected? If not maybe it is time for you to “find” God’s word for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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