Day 32 – The Mail is here!


Today’s Reading 2 Chronicles 7:11 – 23:15

It doesn’t happen as much anymore for you I am sure, but do you know that feeling when you look into the mailbox and there is a letter addressed to you? Now, I am not talking about a bill or a jury summons but an actual handwritten letter. You get excited because someone has taken the time to sit down and handwrite you a note.

Most people simply send emails and when we actually mail something, it is still usually produced on a word processing software. Most software packages, like Microsoft Word, actually have at least one font that resembles handwriting. This way you don’t even have to take the time to sign your own name, just let the special font do it for you.

Well, it wasn’t always like that. People used to write letters all the time. This was a main way that people stayed connected to each other. The letter may have had good news and bad news in it. Those days are pretty much gone. In our reading today, the prophet Elijah sent a letter to King Jehoram. It was not a letter filled with good news.

Jehoram had not been following the ways of God and was now being reminded of this. God was going to hold him accountable for what he had done. His time as a King would not be an easy one at all. The rest of his reign would be one filled with violence and personal pain. He had strayed too far.

I believe that Jehoram was probably reminded in different ways throughout his life that he needed to follow God and that he had strayed off course. He just did not heed the warnings until it was too late. I believe we have the same things in our lives. We have reminders and warnings when we slip up we just have to be aware. It might not be a letter or a text or an email. However, it might be a person or a situation that happens. We need to keep our eyes open.

Look around today. Take inventory. How are things going? Do you need a do over? Consider this a letter to you today.


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