Day 31 – Measuring it out


Todays Reading – 1 Chronicles 24:1 – 2 Chronicles 7:10

I want to accomplish so many things over the next few months. I have ideas and dreams about what to do. My natural tendency is to simply go day-to-day and do all I can and hope that I reach those dreams and ideas. The reality is that is not the best way to accomplish anything for me.

Like most people, it is important for me to sit down and look at my calendar and look at my resources and really plan. When can I get things done? What can i change? What is within my power? These are important things for me wrestle with and strategize over. Even then, I think it is important to accept my own humanity and understand there might be some problems along the way.

Today’s reading takes us into the extensive plans for the temple that Solomon was tasked with building. The materials were gathered and the workmen were gathered as well. Plans and prayers happened. Eventually the temple was complete. It seems as if it was spectacular. Not one thing was shortchanged. The contractors assigned to the job took no shortcuts.

Yet something happened on opening day. The dedication to the temple was done by Solomon. The people all gathered and the sacrifices were made. It was then that a slight problem was found. The bronze altar Solomon had made was not big enough to entirely contain the burnt offerings. He then had to dedicate the middle of the courtyard so that the sacrifices could be done.

Really? After all that planning and all that time, no one noticed a problem was going to happen? Did they simply get caught up in the splendor of the project? Was everyone afraid to tell the King there was a flaw in the plans? It is not apparent in the reading, but something happened.

It is vital to make the plans we need as we move forward but it is also important to remain flexible enough that as situations arise we can adapt. We need people who are willing to point out upcoming roadblocks and also encourage us along the way when we fall into trouble.

Measure twice….cut once…but be ready to adapt if the cut needs reworked.


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